Baby Pants & Leggings: Best Tips for Cold Season

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Dressing babies for winter isn’t easy, especially when it comes to pants and other types of bottom clothes! So, to prevent any future frustrations, we’re here to give you the best tips for dressing and choosing baby pants & leggings for cold seasons.

There’s a chill in the air and winter is just around the corner. So, it’s a good idea to start preparing from today. From cozy footed leggings to adorable overalls, you can visit BabyOulet to find the best baby pants of 2021 for your little one this winter. Their baby pants & leggings are well-made, durable, and have one of the most reasonable prices we’ve found on the market.

Get Proper Measurements

Baby Pants & Leggings

Normally, children’s apparel sizes are usually specified according to age. However, if you want to find the perfect fit, it’s much better to use your baby’s weight and measurements. Once you’ve got the numbers, match them with the clothing brand you’re buying. Additionally, the best way to get the right waist measurement for your baby is to tuck at least 2 fingers underneath the tape while measuring. This method ensures that your pants will be comfortable to wear and have enough room for wiggling. Or, just buy one size up when in doubt!

Go for Natural Fabrics

Natural fabric is always the best choice for baby pants because they are soft and more breathable. On the other hand, synthetic fibers might irritate your baby’s delicate skin and are more suitable for outer layers. There, you should look for pants & leggings that are made of organic cotton or fleece.

Soft and Stretchy

Baby Pants & Leggings

For infants and babies, soft and stretchy pants are the best. They are not only easy to change and spacious for crawling but also ensure optimal comfort. Look for an elastic waistband, even on jeans. Non-elastics may appear cute, but the chances are that they’re uncomfortable for your baby.

Baby Pants to Wear in The Car

Baby Pants to Wear in The Car

Multiple layers or heavy trousers will prevent the car seat harness from holding your little one safely. And, this could be dangerous! So, there shouldn’t be any bulky garments between your precious baby and the straps. Dress your baby in pants that allow the straps to go between their legs easily. Also, if you are afraid that they might get cold, simply use a blanket to cover your baby’s legs.

Keep It Simple At Home

Baby sleeping

Choose light and thin pants to keep your baby cozy indoors on cold winter days. Simply pair them with a onesie and your little one is ready for the day!

Opt for Dark-Colored Items

Baby pants get dirty easily over time due to poopy diapers or crawling. So, going for dark colors will help you cover up stains and make your baby’s pants look clean and fresh much longer. Try navy blue, black, brown, and many more! Besides, darker colors are actually better absorbers of light. This means warmer pants for your baby when going out.

Baby Pants with Convenient Features

Baby Pants with Convenient Features

You should think about how easy the pants are to put on and off when changing your baby’s diaper. While clothes without any closure aren’t ideal for this task, bottom snap or zip down both legs are perfect for diaper changes. Also, it’s always better to have a way to adjust your baby pants. For example, casual pants like sweatpants have ties. So, just ensure it actually tightens your baby’s pants and isn’t there for decoration. If you can’t find anything with those features, stretchy elastic-waist pants or leggings will work just fine.


Believe me, you don’t want to get loaded up and have to clean your baby’s clothes frequently in winter. We suggest choosing baby pants that you can easily wash and dry at home. The tag on the items will tell you how to wash the item. So, if it requires too much care or isn’t machine-washable, then you might want to bypass and find something else.

Waterproof & Snowproof

Your baby can still have fun at playgrounds when it’s snowy outside. All you need are simple waterproof pants to keep the little one dry on the swing set, slide, and teeter-totter.

Finding the right pants size for your child can be quite a challenge. We hope these tips will help you find the perfect baby pants and leggings for your bundle of joy easily before winter comes!

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