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baby monitor apps

We all have at least an old smartphone lying around here and there in our house. And, you might think it is useless. But, what if you can turn it into a baby monitor so you can keep an eye on your baby while you are away without spending hundreds of dollars to buy one. On top of that, converting a smartphone into a monitor is easier than you think. All you need is just a smartphone with working cameras, good Wifi connection, and a baby monitor app. Read on to find out the best baby monitor apps for you.

Baby Monitor 3G (Android and iOS)

Price: Free trial / $4.99

baby monitor apps

The highlights of the Baby Monitor 3G are its ease of use and stability. It just takes a few steps to set up the camera and the parent unit. After that, you’re ready to go in less than 30 seconds. We suggest buying a phone holder so you can watch the best angle of your baby. Plus, this app is compatible with many devices and operating systems, so you can access it easily on your tablet or computer too.

Baby Monitor 3G transmits live videos or snapshots from your baby’s room directly to your phone and also provides vibration alerts whenever they’re awake. In addition, this app can keep track of your baby’s sleep through an activity log. So, you can see your child’s sleeping patterns and replay sounds from different moments if you miss something. Moreover, the Baby Monitor 3G has lullaby playback and talkback options for you to soothe your baby by your voice when they wake up like you are actually there. You don’t need to worry about security because the entire connection is encrypted by industry standards. After 30 minutes of trial, this app only requires a one-time payment then you can access full functions as long as you want. 

  • Download Baby Monitor 3G for iOS
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Dormi – Baby Monitor (Android)

Price: Free (limited access)/ $0.99 per month / $4.99 per year / $8.99

This is one of the most popular baby monitor apps for Android users that provides audio and video streaming. Therefore, you not only hear or see your baby, but you can also talk to them remotely. And, if you’re talking to someone on your phone when your child starts crying, the phone will still vibrate to notify you, ignoring that call.

This app also features baby monitor stats, customization features, and tons of additional settings. And, the Dormi can operate over Wi-Fi and mobile data at any distance. Plus, you can connect as many Android devices as you need and still have a secure connection. Also, the free version only allows you to have 4 hours of monitoring per month. So, you might want to pay the annual subscription if you want to use it more often. However, we recommend the $8.99 single payment for unlimited time access.

Cloud Baby Monitor (Android and iOS)

Price: Free trial / $3.99

baby monitor apps

With noise and motion alerts of this app, you can get notified about all of your baby’s activities. It possesses two-way video talk so you and your partner can talk to your baby independently. And, if you have a twin or more kids to watch then the Cloud Baby Monitor will help you solve that problem with ease by its multiple screen features. Also, you can make your own playlist of lullabies or white noise to help your baby to sleep easier with this app too. Bonus, for iOS users, Apple Watch works as a companion screen to the parent unit. Therefore, the alerts are automatically pushed to your Apple Watch so you don’t have to check your phone regularly.

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Facetime or Hangouts (Free Baby Monitors)

baby monitor apps

The default video calling apps from Apple and Google can be just as good as the other apps on our list if all you want is a simple monitor for your baby. We recommend that you dim down the screen on the baby unit as much as possible for battery saving. On top of that, the light from the device might disturb their sleep. 

The major drawback is you will always have to keep the parents unit on. But, it is worth the effort because both apps are free and able to provide great audio and video signals.

Advice for using Baby Monitor Apps

There you go, that is everything you need to make your very own baby monitor. Remember, these apps cannot provide night vision because of the phone limitation. So, most baby monitor apps will have night light features instead (by using the phone’s flashlight). However, you might want to check if the light can disturb your baby’s sleep. 

Because of their limitations, we recommend that if you feel using apps is not suitable or it can’t provide what you need then you should consider buying a baby monitor. On top of that, a baby monitor app on your phone is also a great addition to normal baby monitors if you want to cover more angles in your baby’s bedroom. Also, it can be useful for traveling and you just really miss your little angel. However, for those who only need a device that is simply to watch their kids, a baby app monitor is a perfect option with low-cost and efficiency. Let us know about your experience with these apps in the comments!