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How to Swaddle Your Baby

It is very common for babies to be fussy or have difficulty sleeping at night. Crazy as it sounds, putting your baby to bed by wrapping them in a burrito-style, also known as swaddling, might do the trick! The first basic step to calm a fussy baby is to give them a cozy hug. And, that’s exactly what swaddling does, embracing your baby.

Parents have been using this technique for hundreds of years. Swaddling not only helps your baby sleep easily but also gives them the feeling of being held in their mothers’ arms. Plus, it can protect your baby from startling themselves and disrupting sleep. When you learn to swaddle babies, it’s best to practice it when your baby is calm or already asleep. Remember that swaddling is safe for your baby, but only when you do it properly. Read on to find out how to swaddle your baby correctly and why it is so effective when it comes to soothing your little one.

How to Swaddle Your Baby – Step by Step Guide

how to swaddle your baby _ Step by step

You can swaddle your baby using any large, thin, and soft blanket. So, here’s our guide to swaddle your baby.

Diamond Shape

Place the blanket (around 44 x 44-inch square ) on your bed or any flat surface and have it look like a diamond shape. Then, fold the top corner down to the center of the blanket.

Put Your Baby in the Position

You gently place your baby on the blanket with their neck along the top edge. You shouldn’t let the blanket touch your baby’s cheek because it might set off a rooting reflex and make them cry in confusion as they’re not being fed. 

Wrap Up

Gently hold one of their arms down along their side and wrap the blanket near their shoulder across your baby’s body tightly. Make sure that you tuck it snugly underneath them on the opposite side.

Make Room for Your Baby’s Legs

Now, take the bottom corner and lift it up over your baby’s legs, tucking that corner underneath their shoulder that is still exposed. With this step, you should keep it loose so the baby’s legs and feet can move around comfortably.


Finally, grab the remaining corner and pull it tightly across the baby’s body (making sure the arm is straight). Double-check to make sure the swaddle is tight and won’t unravel. If the tuck-in loosens easily, you will need to start over.

If all of this seems to be too much of a struggle, we recommend you try a zipper swaddle. It’s the easiest way to swaddle a baby. As you only need to tuck in your baby.

Fortunately, safe swaddling is not rocket science, but make sure you have enough practice. Incorrect swaddling can accidentally worsen crying or pose a health hazard. It may be tricky at first, especially if your baby is upset and struggling. However, after some tries, you’ll get used to it. We hope our guide can help you and your baby in the coming nights. Let us know more about it in the comments!