Things You Should Know Before Having Twins Baby

twins baby

No one knows how to have twins, but for parents lucky enough to be blessed with them, raising twins can be both a challenge and rewarding. Taking care of two babies is pretty much double the work. However, it can be doubly fun too. While raising twins might be more difficult in the beginning, you’ll get through it and even be surprised at how fast the time seems to fly by. And, all it takes is just a little preparation. Here are things you should know before having twins baby.

Sleep Deprivation

With twins, the chance they will wake up at night is almost double for you. And, you probably have to spend more time putting them back to sleep because there are 2 fussy babies now.

On the other hand, some parents may get lucky enough and have twins that sync their sleep schedules. But, it’s common for babies to be on different rhythms, meaning you end up being roused every few hours. Just know that this is only temporary. Although your patience and cognitive abilities might wear thin, you definitely can survive a full day on just a few hours of sleep. Our advice is to try to find help from family and friends as much as possible, so you can have time to recharge.

Stick to a Schedule

You should try to keep your twins baby on a schedule, no matter what. If one wakes up, the other will be woken up too! If one eats then the other one should be fed too. You and your twins will take a few days or weeks to get used to a new schedule. But, it is worth the effort.

Simplify Mealtime

feeding twins baby

Dealing with 2 hungry babies is quite stressful. Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, do whatever you can to try to feed them at the same time. And, if you have no one to help, then learning how to breastfeed both babies simultaneously is necessary. After feeding, make sure you burp one while the other hangs out in the swing and repeat with the second baby.

Get Two of Everything

To avoid any fights over who has what, you should plan to buy two of everything. Whether it’s a bottle, a cup, or a new toy, babies are not good at sharing. We know that it’s important to teach children the importance of sharing. But trust me, there are better times to teach those lessons than while breaking up a fight for something. I even got cups, spoons, and bottles in two different colors so my twins can know which was theirs and avoided fighting in the first place.

You Might Not Actually Need Two Cribs

This is an exception to the above rule. In reality, you can potentially get away with having a single crib for twins. Most parents probably think they should buy a second crib just in case. But, twins quickly form a unique bond which is part of what makes raising twins so fun and rewarding. Some twins are so close that they never want to sleep alone or fall to sleep better in the same crib every night. Eventually, they will be more independent and get separated when they are older. But, doing this is only safe but also can save more money and space for you. Just make sure the crib is large enough for them.

Twins but Totally Different

twins baby

Unlike most people think, twins tend to do different things at the same time, like napping. Once they get older, though, they’re in lockstep and copy everything the other does. Sometimes that’s helpful, like if you need them to follow you or stay together. But, other times it means a constant game of twin A doing whatever you just told twin B not to do.

Double the Work, Double the Fun

Especially in the early months, raising twins can feel like everything is double (or triple) the times. That can mean double the stress or doubt about being a good parent. As difficult as it can be, it’s important to remember that this stage is temporary and things do get better. For all the extra anxiety, loss of sleep, or tears, there will be even more joy, happiness, and rewarding times for you. The first time your twins hold your hands, hugging each other or smiling in unison, you’ll see it worth everything you have been through.

Having twins is a new amazing experience for every mom. Even with second-time moms, raising twins like starting all over again. So, there is no need to worry if you are doing everything right. So, give yourself some grace because you are doing your best! Take some time for yourself when you need it and you will do just fine. Feel free to share your experience with others in the comments!