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There is at least 1 pacifier in every mom’s baby list. The fact is, pacifiers not only help to soothe your baby but they also can reduce the risk of SIDS. But now, the question is which pacifiers work best for your child between hundreds of brands. Well, the answer is not totally up to you because your baby may not like your choice! So, we have researched all of the high-ranked pacifiers on the market in order to give you the best insights. Read on to check our top 5 best pacifiers for babies in 2020.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Soother Pacifier

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Tommee Tippee pacifier more closely resembles a nursing nipple than most pacifier shapes, especially some orthodontic pacifiers. The rounded shape on this pacifier has more natural curves without any sharp angles. Also, this pacifier is made of super-soft silicone for easier latching and a natural skin-like feeling for your baby. The material curves away from your baby’s mouth and includes ventilation holes to reduce rashes and skin irritations. 

The innovative shape of the outer shield may make the silicone pacifier easier to hold onto for babies. While the pacifier doesn’t include a ring to hold the pacifier, it has a spot to attach a clip. Furthermore, the shield is easy to grasp, even for babies, in order to help them self-soothe. And, if you plan to buy bottles for your baby in the future, this may be the right pacifier for you, as the company also makes bottles with very similar nipples.

MAM Night Pacifiers

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The MAM Night pacifiers is renowned for soothing babies with their special sucking mechanism without causing any discomfort. Beyond being made of pliable silicone, the MAM Night pacifier can also glow in the dark. So, there is no need to turn on the lights to find the pacifier in the middle of the night anymore. Just follow the glow! Another unique point of this one is the upright feature. Therefore, the symmetrical nipple cannot be put in your baby’s mouth in the wrong way. 

We can’t mention the annoying part of clean pacifiers every now and then. Because babies drop pacifiers all the time and it’s likely to fall on dirty surfaces. No worry, you can clean this pacifier easily in three minutes with the microwave. As babies latch they create saliva and it starts drooling out with nothing to stop them. So, the curved shield and bumps on the inner surface prevent the pacifier from aligning completely with your baby’s face. That makes the saliva won’t be trapped and irritate your baby’s skin.

Evenflo Feeding Balance Cylindrical Pacifier

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The Evenflo Feeding Balance Cylindrical pacifier has a simple design but very effective. The rounded stage promotes a natural tongue position and mimics the breast. Also, the silicone one-piece soother remains flexible and includes an easy-grip handle, which is good for both mom and baby. On top of that, this one is free of stuff like BPA, polycarbonates, and phthalates. Plus, the simple design also allows you to clean it with ease. Plus, the pacifier comes with a re-sealable steam sanitizing bag to pop in the microwave for a quick clean.

Philips Avent BPA Free Soothie Pacifier 

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This might be the pacifier the hospital gives you when you need a rest from nursing as this pacifier makes its way around hospitals nationwide. Philips Avent Soothie pacifier has no creepy materials that are used in the making of the silicone pacifier. Also it processes a thick one-piece construction with holes for ventilation. And, for cleaning, just toss it in the dishwasher or use hot water. However, some newborn babies find the nipple too large for their mouth and it slips out easily.

Nanobb Flexy Baby Pacifier

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Nanobb Flexy pacifiers work well for breastfed babies with the most  nipple alike design. It has gentle curves and soft silicone for easy suckling. Also, with the Nanobb Flexy pacifiers, you don’t need to worry if your baby is confused between nursing and their pacifier. The shield sides are colored differently but the pacifier is still a one-piece construction. The nipple is extra soft to make sure babies can suck comfortably. And, it comes with 4 colors (white, teal, gray, and pink) for you to choose.

Bonus: Dr. Brown’s HappiPaci 100% Silicone Pacifier

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This one is a great option for a breastfed baby who occasionally takes a bottle, especially Dr. Brown’s bottles. Because these pacifiers have the exact same shape as Dr. Brown’s bottles. The elongated shape with the round tip will help your baby to latch on more easily. While the soft silicone is easy to clean, it’s also very supple. So, your baby can manipulate it easily in their mouth, just like the real nipples. And, because of the one-piece design, you don’t have to worry about any lingering bacteria or soap getting stuck anywhere after cleaning. While this one might look quite similar to other pacifiers of the market, the butterfly-shaped shield is the what make it more special for two reasons. One, babies can breathe better. Two, it can accommodate nasal cannulas if needed.

We hope our review can help you find the best pacifier for you baby easier. Also, let us know us know if you have any questions in the comments!